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Video loops while I'd prefer it to go to next slide


  • HugoLehoux started the conversation


    thanks for this great plugin ! However I can't make it work properly... My second slide is a youtube video but when it ends, it's not going to the next slide... I'm using the "Use as diaporama"option so it looks nice. I've tried slide timing : auto but it doesn't have the desired behavior. Any help would be very appreciated. 

    The second is : can we pause youtube videos onClick event with this "use as diaporama" option?

  • HugoLehoux replied

    I got it ! I checked something that would pause the slider on hover but it was not stoping the video. That's why the video kept looping ;)

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey HugoLehoux,

    Thank you for the feedback, glad you could solve the problem. If you need further assistance please let us know.