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Hover transition opacity


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    denisedesign started the conversation

    I'd like to make a slide's layer appear when hovered over. I've set the opacity of a slide to 0 in the "loop middle transition" (I've also tried .2). I then set the hover transition to opacity 1. It doesn't work. The layer doesn't not become more opaque when hovered over.

    I've done the opposite of this to see if that would work (set to 1 and then 0 on hover), and it does. So, it seems that it is possible to have a layer disappear when hovered over, but not appear.

    Please let me know if it is possible to have a layer become more opaque when hovered over.

    I'd be happy to give you access to my site (under construction) to show you. Just let me know.

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey denisedesign,

    To achieve this you will need to set the layer's default opacity to 0 in the Styles tab, so it starts hidden. Then set the hover transition opacity to 1 in the Transition tab. This way the layer will become visible on mouse hover.

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    denisedesign replied

    This is brilliant. Thank you!