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Not Playing Vimeo Video


  • tamibrewer started the conversation

    It appears that there is a bug with the media video layer when building slides.  On Vimeo, I'm able to hide videos for privacy and still allow the video to be embedded on any site.  Within LayerSlider, I can only show videos that are public on Vimeo.  I should be able to embed the video, and it works if I embed it on any page within the site...just not on LayerSlider.  The video shows up in the admin as I'm developing the slides, but not "live."  Please help.  I do not want to make videos available on Vimeo.com just to be able to embed within the slides.

    Here is the video: 

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey tamibrewer,

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    Unfortunately this happens because of the Vimeo API's particular behavior (quirks), and there is not much we can do about it from our end.

    Embedding a video to a page is a different case, LayerSlider also has to control the video that requires more access, therefore the difference.

    We will try to come up with a solution for this in future updates, in the meantime I'd recommend to look around in the Vimeo settings, there might be an option that allows the API to access the unlisted/private videos as well.

  • tamibrewer replied

    Thanks for the response.  I've used Vimeo's API with videos set to "hide on vimeo.com" without a problem.  It might be a glitch with the API.  I would appreciate you looking into this further.