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Layerslider first slide white


  • ErikV started the conversation


    If I open the testwebsite von.erkwerk.nl the first slide is most of the time just white. While the thumbs show the photo. After reloading the page the photo appears as it should be. The problem seems to appear only with Firefox after the cache of my computer has been cleaned.

    The problem also is: my client uses Firefox.

    Hope you can help me out.

    Best, Erik

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Erik,

    I have checked your site with Firefox but for me the slider and the first slide is being displayed on every isntance.

    Have you managed to fix the problem in the meantime ?

    In case not, could you please specify on what OS/browser/device are you experiencing this exactly ?

  • ErikV replied

    Hi Attila,

    It appears randomly. I first opened it without a problem, then closed Firefox and then re-opened it. But now the first slide stayed blank. Thumbs were visible though. please see the attachment.

    Thanks! Erik

  • [deleted] replied

    I'm still not able to reproduce this on my end with Firefox, the slider seems to be loading every time for me. 

    On what OS and device are you experiencing this ?

  • ErikV replied


    On windows 10 pro, desktop.

    It's rare, but this error happens about 1 on 10. Also with another website I made. Could be interference with another plugin.

    If it happens more often and clients start to complain, I'll reopen the ticket.

    Thanks Attila,