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layersider 6 mistaken activation cancelation


  • Darren started the conversation

    Hi, I purchased layerslider as I was building a new website for my company.   I started to build my website with a temporary non-descript wordpress url, as I couldn't use the existing url of our old website, as I needed to leave the old website running whilst building out the new website in wordpress.    Anyway, I finished the new site using layerslider, swapped our existing url to the new site and then found my layerslider plugin is now deactivated.  I had no idea this would happen as it is the same site... but with our existing URL swapped to the new site.   The wordpress url used when building the site was just a bunch of random numbers etc, and obviously not fit for a permanent url.

    Please, can you activate my layerslider plugin again, as I believe it was deactivated for the wrong reason.

    Many Thank's

    Darren Moore

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Darren,

    We have recently launched a new site that you can use to manage and reset the activations of your purchase code, please refer to the following URL: https://kreaturamedia.com/reset-activations