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Problem with slider loading video


  • davidroake started the conversation

    Hi I need some urgent help.

    I have just purchased layer slider and my site is due to go live tomorrow.

    My slider has three video slides on the homepage. This is working fine on Firefox and safari on mac but on ie and chrome the videos are not loading. Are you able to look for me please.

    Site is http://concert-ict.com
    User: DavidRoake
    Pass: 0504Te00



  • davidroake replied

    Further to that.. When I look at the preview bar in chrome the video is greyed out?


  • davidroake replied

    Hi.. I am wonderiing if this is becasue of a deactivation that I got. My site was originally usine a bundled layer slider. But then I purchased a new one to update it. About 15 minutes later I was told it had been deactivated. Could this casue it not to work on Chrome. Really need an answer please.

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey David,

    I was testing your slider earlier today and was able to reproduce the issue on Chrome. However when I've tried to investigate it further now, the videos are playing on Chrome as well. They are a bit laggy and delayed but they are being played nonetheless.

    Have you changed something or managed to solve the problem ?

    Also, the activation should have no effect on this matter.

  • davidroake replied

    Hi Apologies for this.. Becasue I was under time constraint I had to use another slider although I still need and want to fix my layerslider one. You can see the issue here -


    same login as before

  • [deleted] replied

    We've made some tests and the problem seems to be related to the video format you are using. We have tried to use your videos outside of LayerSlider, just as a normal video element, but they were not playing that way either in Chrome. 

    It seems like the mov files that are containing the videos cannot be played in Chrome properly. We'd recommend to use a different format.