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  • koberheim started the conversation

    Hello, I am getting a DESTINATION ALREADY EXISTS error when installing. It looks like this plugin was previously installed, but DELETING or DEACTIVATING does not appear to be an option. I also cannot seem to UPDATE instead. I just paid the $22 for new version, please help.

    Thank you!!!

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey koberheim,

    This error means you have one instance of the plugin already installed and activated and you can't load a second copy. Most likely your theme is already loading it, you will need to remove the bundled version first in order to use the newer release from us. Two instances of LayerSlider on the same installation cannot work together.

    Normally you should be able to disable and remove it in the Plugins WP menu. However some themes 'hardcode' our plugin to their product making it harder to remove. As we are not familiar with your theme's methods and how it implements LayerSlider I'd recommend contacting them on how you can disable and delete their version of the plugin, so you can use the new one from us.