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  • MargieJohnson started the conversation

    I have been having issues getting the slider to show ever since installing the Jupiter5 theme.  I went to the extent of buying the slider license again.  I deleted the original instance of the slider that came with Jupiter5.  I then installed the new version that I purchased.  

    I get two errors from the system status page.

    1.  Says I still need to activate my copy of LayerSlider.

    2.  I don't have the PHP archive extension so I can import slider templates from the store.  

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey MargieJohnson,

    1. What exactly is the problem with the activation ? Is there an error message ? Could you please explain in more details what issue are you experiencing with it ?

    2. You will need to contact your hosting provider, they can install the missing PHP extensions to your server.

  • MargieJohnson replied

    The first problem is I cannot activate the plugin.  If you read my original comment, you will see what I have attempted to do to resolve this.  Can you assist?

  • [deleted] replied

    I understand that you cannot activate the plugin but I will need more information than this to be able to tell what's wrong. 

    Please elaborate what's preventing the activation exactly. Are you able to locate the activation section ? Is your purchase code not accepted ? Does it say it's invalid or maximum activations reached ? Or is there a different error message ?