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layerslider and enfold


  • dman15 started the conversation

    Present Version being used 6.2.2
    see img below.....

    Please get together with Enfold to solve the integration issue.
    When solved get back to me with the answer.

    Ahead Thank You

    When you email me back in my inbox

    I expect to email you directly back

    from my email box.

    DO NOT REPLY TO ME FROM A <noreply> email

    Please no poor excuses just get it done, so I can correspond

    with you directly.

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey dman15,

    The problem is generated by Enfold's integration of LayerSlider. They are not installing it as a separate plugin but loading its files in the background, which provides the same content for their users but prevents WordPress from searching for updates.

    As I recall Enfold does not provide any option to disable the bundled version, so you will need to install the original release from us that you can download from CodeCanyon. If you get an error the the plugin cannot be activated becaue it already exist, then try to activate it again, this way it should enable the new release from us. This is an unusual method applied by Enfold and can only be worked around this way unfortunately.