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Can't save when I edit or add a layer


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    Schmiddy started the conversation


    I updated LayerSlider from a older version to 6.4 few days ago. One problem is, I can edit existing layers but can't add new ones... Every time I try and want to save the changes, I get an Error. I only can go further by reloading the page.

    Some Layerslider used with CSS have complete new behavior or looks almost totally different...

    The change to 6.0 demands hours to rearange all these differences :-(  Why??? 

    By the way... all my thumbnail on the bottom of the Sliders are gone!

    Please help, thx.

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Schmiddy,

    LayerSlider's backwards compatibility is almost 100%, so problems like this sholdn't happen normally. I believe it is going to be related to your CSS code, the live markup (DOM) was changed in version 6 so it is different from version 5 now. There might be a few settings that need to be adjusted after the update, but not this drastically.

    Could you please show us what does the error message say on saving ?