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Mobile Slider Height


  • tspino1 started the conversation


    I love how my slider looks on desktop but on mobile I'd like it to be full height (like the attached screenshots). Is this possible? Perhaps I need to use two separate sliders, one for desktop and one for mobile?



  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Tim,

    Unfortunately at the moment you cannot set different initial sizes for the slider depending on the device. The original size of the slider will be the same across all devices and the responsive mode will scale it accordingly to the viewing environment. 

    What you could do is to use the device control feature and create separate layers with different sizes for mobile view so that it matches the desktop layout better.

  • tspino1 replied

    Hi Attila, 

    Hmmmm. I'm not sure where that device control feature is located. Can you point me in the right direction?

    Also, why couldn't I just create two sliders, call one on smaller devices and one on larger devices. And on the smaller one couldn't I specify a height so it matches the screenshots I sent?

    Do you mean that a slider with a video that fills a mobile screen (in potrait mode), like this http://www.wacoal.jp/yourbeauty/ is not possible?


  • [deleted] replied

    It can be found in the Content tab of the Layers section:

    What I meant is that the plugin does not provide any built-in option to create two separate sliders and swap them depending on the device. But if you can set it up with custom methods and using the API, I believe it could work.

    You should also be able to recreate a similar slider that is on the URL you sent, a simple fullsized layout and setting the video layer to 100% width and height should do the trick.