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Transition Color


  • Iain started the conversation


    i was wondering how you change the default grey transition color?

    I've attached a screen capture with an arrow pointing to what I mean.



  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Iain,

    The color of the sides of the 3D transition objects can be changed in the CSS Editor. The code line for this is at the bottom of the editor.

    This should change the color of all sides of the objects. Could you please show the code that you used ?

  • Iain replied

    .ls-3d-box div { /* Sides of 3D transition objects */
        background-color: #6786a1


  • [deleted] replied

    Please try to use the following and also empty cache:

    .ls-3d-box div {

          background-color: #6786a1 !important;


  • Iain replied

    OK, that seems to have done the trick.

    Thank you.