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    I setup a static IP on my site and I now get the following message on wordpress plugin page for layerslider, how do we fix this?  I could find no answer that would solve the issue.  The site is on AWS Lightsail (originally with a dynamic IP)

    LayerSlider product activation was canceled on this site

    You’ve previously activated your copy of LayerSlider on this site to receive plugin updates, use exclusive features and access to premium templates in the Template Store. However, your activation was canceled and you can no longer enjoy these benefits. There are a number of potential reasons why this could happen, the common ones include: you’ve remotely deactivated your site using our online tools or asked us to do the same on your behalf; your purchase have been refunded or the transaction disputed; Envato have revoked your purchase code with an undisclosed reason.

    To review all the possible reasons and find out what to do next, please refer to the Why was my activation canceled? section in our documentation.OK, I understan

  • [deleted] replied

    Dear Len Reeves,

    The purchase code you have provided is not valid for LayerSlider.

    Please note that if you've received LayerSlider as a bundled plugin in your theme, you cannot use your theme's purchase code to activate it as they are two separate products, item support and updates will be provided by the theme author in this case.

    Alternatively, you can purchase a license from us, so we can provide our support services for you, along with our auto-update solution, beta and early access releases and exclusive offers for our direct buyers as well.

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  • Len Reeves replied

    Hello, will you please provide a solution to this ticket.  I am a paying customer, by key is valid as you sent it to me and it successfully activated the plugin on Aril 12, 2017.


  • [deleted] replied

    I have checked again and the purchase code you have provided (4e3*****-****-****-*******82d31) is not valid for LayerSlider.

    Are you sure that this license was included to your LayerSlider purchase and not for another item ?

    In case you are sure that this was provided for LayerSlider, you will have to contact Envato with this case I'm afraid, as we do not have control over the licenses. They generate and handle the purchase codes that are given out for plugins, so they should be able to provide more information on this matter as why it is not valid anymore.