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Mobile device issues


  • johnolsen started the conversation

    First of all - Great WORK!!!

    Sec- some question to optimize the look and feel on our site

    1- How can I place the thumbnail slider on top of the layer slider (some skins have this, but then they are surrounded by borders)

    2- Is it possible to add text to the thumbnails 

    3- Can i ad a border to the separate thumbnail slides (when Active)

    4-when I use thumbnail navigation on the slider, There is a gap between layer slider and the rest of my mage in (iPhone) mobile view.

    5-HI how can I set another look for mobile devices. I want layer slider to fill a bigger part of the screen on mobile devices.

    Looking forward 


  • [deleted] replied

    Hey johnolsen,

    Regarding the custom thumbnails. Unfortunately at the moment there is no built-in option in the plugin to relocate or edit the navigation areas, you would need to do some coding to achieve it.
    Please note that it requires custom coding and web development experience so it is not recommended for inexperienced users.
    Alternatively, you can make a new skin or modify one, but it also needs some CSS knowledge.

    Regarding the mobile view. You can create separate layers for mobile devices that would appear larger so they can be seen better on smaller screens. This can be achieve with the device control feature.

    Please note that currently it's not possible to display a completely different slider with different initial sizes on mobiles, just different layers.

  • johnolsen replied

    Ok thank you for your answers.

    Can I achieve to place the thumbnail slider on top of the layer slider (Bringing/positioning it upward) with a snippet (custom css) snipet?


  • [deleted] replied

    Unfortunately as I've mentioned, to reposition or edit the navigation/thumbnail areas, you would need custom coding, or using the Skin Editor but it also needs CSS knowledge to edit.