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  • chapolote started the conversation

    Hi, I'm quiet new to layerslider-wp and I have two basic questions:

    Is it possible, that text-layers receive their label from the text-input (like for example in photoshop layers)? I find it quiet complicated and time-wasting, to put text into my layer and to write anything again to the layers label. If it's actually not possible, it would be a nice feature that the label-field grab the input of the used layer-text for future versions.

    How exactly do I use custom css, how is the required syntax? For example:

    I gave a layer in the option-tab "link & attributes" a class "test". In the layer I placed a text-layer, selected h1 and gave this text any color from the color-palette. For testing the custom-css-feature, I declared the following:

    .test h1 {color:#fff;}

    or tried:

    .test h1 {color:#fff !important}

    Nothing of those seems to work, at least the documentation says, it should work in either preview and published website.

    Any hints appreciated ;)

    And by the way: are you planning to make the timeline-feature editable like slider revolution, which has some nice features but still doesn't work well in firefox  ;)?

    Regards, Joe Lipps

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Joe Lipps,

    Regarding your first question, currently there is no option to achieve this but we are planning to add a similar solution to the plugin in one of the upcoming releases.

    About the CSS, you should only enter the CSS properties to the Custom CSS section. For example: color: #fff;