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Layer Slider Timers


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    cedaly1968 started the conversation

    This year we decided to consolidate all of our graphic sliders with Layer Slider and we are in the process of dropping all Revolution Sliders to get this point.  I am having trouble with the timers in the slider and cannot seem to get them to behave the way I want them to.  They either start late or they don't transition well or they pop on the page and off the page.  What I typically like is for the layer to slide in and then to have the content stay until the slide changes.  Hovering over the slide should stop it from changing.  I want to use a HOmePage slider that I can add lead generation tools to collect information on potential new clients (e.g. forms or even rigging the buttons with additional information collected by our lead generation tools).  Is there a place for that in Layer Slider or a custom solution we have to build (e.g. when I build a button the url LINK can be anything we want to add in there including lead gen information).  Is that right?

    Thanks for your help - looking forward to Layer Slider success and using the solution to build new client presentations with audio, video and great images.

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    Hey cedaly1968,

    You can find the option to pause the slider on hover in the Slider Settings -> Slideshow tab.

    The layer timings can be controlled in the Transition tab of the corresponding layer. If you set 'Start at' to zero and set a small 'Duration' time in the Opening transition, the layer should be start animating almost immediately after the slide change. And if you set the Ending transition's 'Start when' to 'Slide change starts', the layer should slide out only when the slide ends.

    Unfortunately there is no built-in option in the plugin to create forms, but LayerSlider is shortcode aware, so you can insert content into it from other plugins or external sources with the HTML layer content field. And the slider will display the corresponding content of the shortcode on the front-end.

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    cedaly1968 replied

    So what I have observed is that the Layer Slider widget in Visual Composer is causing the issues.  As soon as I took Layer Slider outside of the VC Widget and put it into a text box and added the Layer Slider shortcode - everything started working.  I had gotten to the point where the widget would not even show the slider.  Could be my version of VC but still... worth noting.

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    There was a similar issue to what you're experiencing in the older versions of VC, we have reported this issue to the authors but it seems like they still did not fix it properly. The problem is related to the VC's dedicated LayerSlider module. You will need to use a different module, for example text module and insert the slider with its shortode to bypass this error. You can still use VC, just not the LayerSlider module, as it seems to be still broken.

    As an alternate solution you could also try to disable the "Include scripts in footer" and "Conditional script loading" advanced settings in LayerSlider. This also seems to help, but if you need them it's recommended to go with the previous method.