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How to select the Layer Slider ID in home page


  • Thnxradio started the conversation


    I have recently successfully updated and activated the latest version of the Layer Slider plugin. 

    I have successfully  imported the settings of the previous .json slider (version 2.2.2 if not mistaken).

    The problem is that in the page options of the home page, the wp does not allow me to choose the  ID of my layer slider. It should me number "3", but i cannot write it either choose it. 

    Can you please 

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Thnxradio,

    I believe that this problem is most likely related to the page builder you're using and not to LayerSlider.

    Please try to insert the slider to your site with one of the plugin's default methods to see if that works. You can find these methods listed and described in the documentation on the following URL: https://support.kreaturamedia.com/docs/layersliderwp/documentation.html#publishing-sliders