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after update slider hustle


  • Ryobi69 started the conversation

    The slider came with the theme, latest version 5.5.0. So I purchased the update to 6.0.5 version.

    After update all sliders hustle up, I mean show around images. background color behind text less high. Out of center and so on. I find it hard to repair the demage. How come?



  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Edwin,

    LayerSlider has backwards compatibility so it converts your sliders to the new versions almost identically. A few adjustments might be needed in some cases, but it's uncommon.

    What I can think of is that your theme was including a slighlty modified version of the plugin, hence the differencies with the new version.

    Please update to the latest release (6.4). We have included some improvements and changes since 6.0.5 that could possibly help with cases like this.