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PHP Post Max Size:


  • Brad started the conversation

    I've looked through as much documentation for the layer slider to find out what you require the php post max size to be.

    I know it needs to be more than 8m because that is what my php settings are right now.

    I know it needs to be more than 10m because the one article I found on the question, the customer showed her settings which were 10m.

    However the person whom responded to her question simply stated "increase your post max size"

    Well duh!!!!! However it would have been nice if he had stated what the ideal php max size was.

    My VPS hosting is only semi managed so I can make most changes but frustratingly this is not one and they can't help me until I give them a specific M size for the Post max size.

    Your website is sadly lacking in this information. Please advise ASAP so I can tell my host what to change the settings too.

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    Attila replied

    Hey Brad,

    There is no exact value available for these server settings. They all depend on how large files are you planning to use or upload, be it an image file or a zip export. 

    Using 16M should be good, it should be large enough to handle most of the requests.

    We are also planning to add recommendations for the System Status that will display some useful default values.

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team