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Unable to save slider


  • Susan Lynch started the conversation

    Your http server thrown the following error: Forbidden.

    Avada template. Plugins all disabled. Did not yet replace theme with WP theme, worried will break site.

    Purchased license even though plugin was included but still can't save the slider. No issue with activation. First slider took a very long time to create and don't want to lose it. All cache has been cleared several times, still won't save.

    Everything is updated. PHP is 7.1.

    Website is under construction. Due to be completed end of month.

  • Susan Lynch replied

    Disregard. Created a new slider, was able to save. Just unable to save revisions to an existing template slider. (Certain changes saved, but deleted layers and new layers would not save).

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    Attila replied

    Hey Susan Lynch,

    The problem is most likely related to a server configuration issue.

    Please check the LayerSlider System Status, located on the WP sidebar for any related error message that could provide more information.

    Best Regards,
    Attila | Kreatura Support Team