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Slide with 4 sections


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    nymphbyte started the conversation

    Hello! I would like to create a slide (just one slider in a slider) with 3 or 4 vertical sections – every section is an image. On hover a section would widen a bit but would maintain aspect ratio and height. For example slide is 1920px wide and has 4 sections 480px each. On hover section would got wider to 640px exposing more of the picture in width. Thanks :)

    Something like on https://www.airforce.com/ (4 sections - bellow the main view)

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey nymphbyte,

    Unfortunately there is no effect like this available in LayerSlider at the moment.

    To achieve a similar layout, you can create 4 separate image layers in 4 vertical sections and apply a hover effect on them which will stretch them. But unfortunately this will not reveal more part of these images, only raise their size (width) with the given amount.