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Synchronising LayerSliders


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    Jacqueline started the conversation


    I created different sliders for the different screen resolutions on this specific page. The top slider on the page doesn't bother me because it is set to autoplay so I don't mind that the slides will be different on the different resolutions. But it does bother me when I view the bottom slider on mobile and swipe to the next picture and then rotate my screen from portrait to landscape and the picture is not synchronised to the one I was viewing on portait.

    Is there a way in which I can synchronise the different sliders in the bottom section so that whatever action I take on one of sliders can reflect on the other sliders as well?

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Jacqueline,

    Unfortunately there is no feature like this available in LayerSlider at the moment. You cannot synchronize or chain together multiple sliders currently.

    The Envato system indicates that you haven't purchased LayerSlider from us. In case if you've received LayerSlider as a bundled item in your theme, item support should be handled by the theme author.

    Alternatively, you can purchase a license from us, so we can continue to provide our support services for you, along with our auto-update solution, beta and early access releases and exclusive offers for our direct buyers as well.