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Slider was working and now is not


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    jillio started the conversation

    Hello. I purchased your plugin to use on a non-profit web site. I had created a great slider, had previewed it over the last week, showed it to the client, etc. Everything was great. The site is approved so I changed the index.php file to point to the new site...nothing else changed. And now the slider is not working. My home page is blank with the plugin installed and I get this message when I go to view my slider:

    Server configuration issues detected!

    phpQuery, an external library in LayerSlider, have unmet dependencies. It requires PHP5 with the following extensions installed: PHP DOM extension, PHP Multibyte String extension. Please contact with your hosting provider to resolve these dependencies, as it will likely prevent LayerSlider from functioning properly. This issue could result a blank page in slider builder.

    But I don't understand why this is happening all of a sudden when everything had been working just fine. Can you help? The site is on a shared server and the host won't update the PHP version or extensions.



  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Jill,

    The plugin detected unmet dependencies on your server and that is the reason for this error message. 

    LayerSlider needs at least PHP 5.3 or newer and the Multibyte String Extension (mbregex included) to be installed on your server. 

    Unfortunately these are the requirements for the plugin to work properly. I'm afraid the only way is to contact your hosting provider with this case. They should be able to help installing or updating these dependencies if needed.

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    jillio replied

    And I completely understand all of that. But why did the plugin work for a week and then suddenly quit working? Nothing on the server changed.

  • [deleted] replied

    The plugin requirements have stayed the same. So I believe that there might have been some change on your end that triggered the error message. There could be different server settings on your development site and on your live site for example.