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Upload error when saving edited photo


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    sgupt started the conversation

    I am trying to edit a photo in an individual slide (by clicking the ∞ symbol on top of the thumbnail). After making edits, when I hit Save in the photo editor, I get a popup dialog saying "Upload error."  Any thoughts on how to fix? I've tried several different files with same result.

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey sgupt,

    Which version of the plugin do you use currently ?

    Please also check the System Status located on the WP sidebar for any error messages.

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    sgupt replied

    Hi Atilla,

    Am using latest version, 6.1.6.  Under system status, I do see 

    PHP Post Max Size:8MImporting larger sliders could be problematic in some cases.
    PHP Max Upload Size:2MImporting larger sliders could be problematic in some cases.

    My guess is the max upload size may be causing this issue?  I will note that the pictures are each under 500kb, however.

    EDIT: Must be related to the photo's size.  I tried editing a 10kb photo with no issue.  Not sure why it's giving an issue with 500kb though, given 2MB limit.

  • [deleted] replied

    Since the uploading limits are seem to be okay, I believe the problem will be related to a memory limitation. To 'unpack' an image in the memory requires more space than the original file size.

    You should check on the php logs and/or enable the WP debug mode to see if you can find any related error messages. Unfortunately we cannot see your server settings, so I'm afraid you will have to invole your hosting provider in this search.