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WP Layer Slider doesnt play on mobile


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    Selim Akyol started the conversation

    HI Kreature Team 

    We are strugeling with our WP LayerSlider on the front page. 

    It doesnt want to play on mobile. Tried to find help over google but all those tips doesnt work. 

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Selim Akyol,

    Unfortunately the video displays are quite limited on mobile browsers, due to certain restrictions the autoplay or background playback will not work so your videos won't start automatically. Even if you start the video manually by clicking it, it will be opened in a popup iframe window so it will not provide the same effect as it does on desktop.

    The Envato system indicates that you haven't purchased LayerSlider from us. In case if you've received LayerSlider as a bundled item in your theme, item support should be handled by the theme author.
    Alternatively, you can purchase a license from us, so we can continue to provide our support services for you, along with our auto-update solution, beta and early access releases and exclusive offers for our direct buyers as well.