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Best practise: background videos on iPhone


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    werksfarbe started the conversation

    Hi folks

    i have a problem with layerslider and background-html5-videos. when i enter the page with an iPhone (7) the background video starts in fullscreen. I know that thois is an normal behavior in ios.

    So is there a solution to disable background videos on mobile and use an image (an animated gif for example) instead?

    i try to use the "ls-hide-phone" class on the video and using an separate background image layer instead but it doesnt work.

    any ideas?

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey werksfarbe,

    This is the typical OS behavior and it might be varying depending on the device, but unfortunately we do not have much control over it.

    We have already included a workaround for cases like this in the WordPress version (an option to show/hide layers on certain devices) and we are going to implement it into the next release of jQuery LayerSlider as well.