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Layerslider no thumb image


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    bmw411973 started the conversation

    Please let me know what i can do to hide this file. I have had issues in the past where layerslider static files like skins show up and I do not know how to hide them. The problem is that, all my seo reports (page speed, grader, etc) report that these images are not optimized, are not cached, but I have no access to them. 

    Thank you in advance

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey bmw411973,

    I'm not sure what images are you referring to exactly. The LayerSlider's own files (skins,images,etc) are optimized by default. 

    The images you upload are not controlled by our plugin, you will need to make sure that they are properly optimized, for example by using an image optimizer plugin on them before uploading.

    The caching is not the slider's task either. You were referring to browser caching, which can be easily controlled with a cache plugin, most WP cache plugins offer this kind of method.

    Please note that even if you are uploading the images through LayerSlider, they are still your own custom content and the quality, resolution and optimization is up to you.

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  • [deleted] replied

    I'm sorry but it's still not clear whether you have problems with the shadow.png or the nothumb.png.
    The link and attached image in the last message is about the shadow.png but in the ticket related url and ticket name you talked about the nothumb image. Also, the 'noskin' skin does not have a shadow.

    Please show us your site with the slider where we can investigate this further. Furthermore, what were you using to filter these, some kind of WP analytics plugin ?

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    bmw411973 replied

    Sorry for the confusion, however, I have problems with shadow and no thumb/ no skin. I change out sliders frequently on this website due to promotions, season, etc. And depending on the slider being used, I change out the skin.  I was using Google Search Console and GTMETRIX . The particular website I'm speaking about is https://thairapyloungesalon.com/   

    Also, layerslider is effecting my Google PageSpeed with some of these misc files.  Can you  advise me of how to fix. see attached. 

  • [deleted] replied

    We believe that the shadow / no thumb problems are caused by your caching plugin. It combines all of the JavaScript files therefore the error. Please add LayerSlider to the exceptions or temporary disable the caching to see what happens.

    Regarding the Google Page Speed:

    Most of the things that can be seen on the image are not related to LayerSlider in any way.

    The "Optimize images" part likely contains fals detections. This can be easily confirmed if you click on the "Optimize the following images" button. In a lot of cases it wants to include unrealistically low quality images. Also as mentioned before, it is recommended to make sure that your images are properly optimized, by using an image optimizer plugin on them before uploading.

    "Optimize CSS delivery": The last one could be related to us, however it is also optimized. Probably there is another item on your installation that uses Google Fonts, therefore the error.

    "Leverage browser caching": There is a file from us in this part, however as also mentioned before, this is what the cache plugins are used for. This is not the LayerSlider's task.