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Slider size changing/custom font cut


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    NaRanJiTo78 started the conversation


    1. I don't understand why slider size is changing when showing 1 slide or another.

    slide1.jpg --> full size from menú
    slide2.jpg --> the slider is now at very bottom from menú
    distance-slider.jpg --> Distance from menú

    Why this? How can i fix this?

    2. Also, why if i installed a custom font (Scriptina) it cuts in mobile version? (cut.jpg)

    3. Why there's a non-legibility word, in slide 4, like letters are one each other? (text-legibility.jpg)

    Thanks in advance!

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    NaRanJiTo78 replied

    Sorry i forgot to attach 2 files: TY!

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey NaRanJiTo78,

    I have checked your site but I do not see that the slides would change when the slideshow proceeds, the sliders stays in the same place for me. Have you managed to fix this problem in the meantime ? If not, on what device/OS/browser do you experience it ?

    Regarding the text layers, you will need to either set padding (right and left) or give it a width value which is wider than the text itself and also center the content inside the layer.