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Elements "handles" appears bottom


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    Manuel Molina started the conversation


    I have de following issue:

    When editing slides, the elements "handles" appears at bottom. I means, the dotted square around the element for place and resize it, now don't appears around the element. Instead it appears below (at bottom of the edit zone).

    I'm using Avada Template and I bougth Layer Slider 6 for Premium options and updates that are not included with the Avada bundled versión of Layer Slider. After actívate your plugin and apply the last upgrade (versión 6.1.6) the issue started.

    I attach and image about the issue. On this image I have selected the top Lamp element and you can see that the handles appears below (I have marked it with an red outline square on the image).

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    Manuel Molina replied

    Hi again,

    Switching off/on installed plugins finally I have found the source of the issue.

    It seems a compatibility issue between Layer Slider 6.1.6 and The Events Calendar plugin v. With The Events Calendar disabled all back to normality. 

    With the Layer Slider version bundled with Avada both plugins was working together without problems.

    This is fine for me by now, because actually I don't need The Events Calendar on this project.

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Manuel Molina,

    Thank you very much for your feedback. Glad you could solve the problem in the meantime.

    We will check on the compatibility with the Events Calendar plugin to see if we can find anything.