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Re-activation problems


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    iwolf2055 started the conversation

    Hi. Installed the update to 6.1.6 but now I can't reactivate the plugin. Maybe because of changing the domain from http://www.quick-dbo.at to https://www.quickmill.at? Please help.

    The purchase code of the plugin: 3df885ba-e75f-461d-898e-539b28221f19

    Many thanks in advance and

    kind regards,

    Wolfgang Podbregar.

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey iwolf2055,

    We have recently launched a new site that you can use to reset the activations of your purchase code, please refer to the following url: https://kreaturamedia.com/reset-activations/

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    iwolf2055 replied

    Thank you, all works fine now!