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Resizing large images down inside LayerSlider


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    Drew started the conversation

    Is it possible to use larger images and resize them down inside LayerSlider? In my case, the size of my LayerSlider itself is 960 x 545, but I have an image I would like to use that's sized at 2060 x 1170.

    I ask this because a typical practice to have images look crisper when viewed in retina resolution screens is to make the images themselves larger and reduce their size with code. Can something similar be done to images used in LayerSlider?

    Thank you!

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Drew,

    In case you are planning to add these image as a backgrounds you can select the different premade background sizes such as contain or stretch, so the slider will automatically fit them in the canvas. If you want to add them as layers you can still resize or scale them with the built-in sizing options in the Styles tab.

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    Drew replied

    Thank you Attila. Where can I find the options for using an image as a background? Is that available to me in version 5.6.10?

  • [deleted] replied

    Unfortunately the background size options I was referring to (contain, stretch) were also added in version 6.