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slider function and text scroll


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    immermand started the conversation

    I made a slider with text and pictures.

    Is there a better way to make scroll on the text layer frame. Right now it made with a javascript. But not function well in different browsers. It only scoll if there is not enough space to show all the text.

    And no. 2 frame (small pictures sliding) is made by import a Revoution slide. Very slow. Is there a better way to make this.


  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Kim,

    I'm sorry but I'm not exactly sure what do you want to achieve. Are you referring to the scrolling parallax effect on layers ? In case yes, you can import the Sky Experience demo slider from the Template Store to see what settings we used and how we set it up exactly.

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    immermand replied


    The function i need most to know about is the text scrolling as show on this slider:


    As you see - text is on a text layer and when there is to much text it show a arrow left the text. I would like a function to make autoscroll on the text layer if there is to much text. 

    On this slide there is not so much text - and no need for scroll:


    but on this one there is more text, and then need a scroll function.

    Which layer effect is able to make this scroll ? I had a look on the Sky Experience demo slider en see this effect:
    Could that be a solution or do you have other effect, that could solve the scolling issue on the text layer ?

    best Regards

  • [deleted] replied

    Sorry for the delayed response. I have checked the http://hp-industrial.com/maler/ site and the slideshow there is achieved by combining multiple plugins and javascript solutions.
    Only a part of that slideshow is created with our plugin. Unfortunately there is no option in LayerSlider to create this text scrolling effect at the moment, it wasn't set up by using our product.