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Layerslide not working


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    Callmeseo started the conversation

    slider admin settings do not work... please check.. all menus seem disabled. I cant change the slider text... 

    This is my info to login 


    login: newark gym
    password: Redhat123

    File Access (SFTP)

    You can manage your files at our servers using any FTP client program with SFTP support. Please use the following connection settings:

    Connection mode: SFTP (not regular FTP or FTPS)
    Port: 54018
    Username: challengibgb72js
    Password: 0av$7r!uXU1QP3F9

    MySQL Database Access

    Please use the following details for the database connection settings in your scripts:

    Database name: challengibgb72js
    Database user: challengibgb72js
    Database password: Y6oSKFNbroPJW4F5
    Database host: (NOT localhost)
    Database port: undefined or blank (unless PDO is used)

    It is recommended not to define the database server port in the script settings or leave it blank; the correct value will be used by default. If PDO is used to make MySQL connections or if you have to define MySQL port for any other reason, please set it to 10374.

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    John replied

    Dear Callmeseo,

    I've log into your site and it seems to be fine for me. Could you please be more specific where and how I could reproduce this issue? 

    I can see some PHP debug messages due to outdated PHP version. Please contact your web server host and ask them to update to PHP 5.4.0 or newer. Alternatively, you can hide those messages by disabling the WP debug mode.

    Best Regards,
    John | Kreatura Dev Team