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Layerslider in Theme Shopkeeper


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    Bertuz87 started the conversation

    I've put the layerslider shortcode in the theme's textblock. But when i insert the slider, it will become behind the header, and the header will float over the slider.

    Could you please tell me, which setting i have to change, weather it will show in the right way?

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey Bertuz87,

    If you want the slider to be on top of your header and not under it, you will need to set a higher z-index value for the slider than your header.
    You can set the z-index for the slider in the Slider Settings -> Appearance -> Custom Slider CSS field by entering z-index:999; this should position it over the header.

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    Bertuz87 replied

    Thank you for your reply.

    I allready tried that solution, but is doesn't help. For example u can see it on the site. The big white space still exists. The big white space above the header, only appear when I ad the slider to the page.

  • [deleted] replied

    The white area on the top is part of the header element, but we do not have control over the header of your site so unfortunately we cannot correct it from our end.

    You will need to adjust its position and your site's layout with the page/theme builder you are using.