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Layerslider admin appears but is unresponsive


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    jpschwartz started the conversation

    Using version 6.1.5 on WP 4.7.2. I've purged LiteSpeed Cache. See attachment for other settings.

    My problem is that while the frontend of the site works fine, the backend for LS seems frozen. Specifically, I can open LS from the backend, but and I can click on and see a slider in admin mode. But once I've clicked on a slider, the buttons and tabs don't bring up any content. (e.g., Content, Transitions, Links & Attributes, etc. seem frozen). 

    Do you have any suggestions before I start through the process of identifying a conflicting plugin? (There are many plugins on this site). 

  • [deleted] replied

    Hey jpschwartz,

    We have just released the new version that contains the fix for the error introduced in 6.1.5. 

    It is available through the auto-update solution. You can check for live updates in the WP Dashboard -> Updates section.

    We have also uploaded it to CodeCanyon for manual download, but it might take a day or two for Envato to accept it.