Why do I need to verify my purchase?

If you've received one of our products bundled in your theme, then product support and updates are handled by the theme author. You can still access to our online assets such as the documentation, FAQs, tutorial videos and public tickets, but we can only provide hands on support for our direct customers.

We take plugin development very seriously and we're dedicated to offer the best product we can produce. If one of our products came bundled in your theme, please keep in mind that it is a bonus item that you essentially received for free, as we do not receive any share after theme sales. Theme bundles are a great way to increase our popularity by offering our unique and useful products to the crowd. However, product development and customer support require a lot of resources, thus we can only offer our services to customers who have supported product development by purchasing a license directly from us.

If you need help, please contact with the author of your theme. Alternatively, consider purchasing a license, so we can provide you hands on support, automatic updates, premium features, slider templates and other exclusive content & services.