How can I transfer licenses or deactivate past sites?

If you still have access for the site

Just click on the Deactivate button in the Product Activation box and you are all set. The purchase code that you've used for that site will be available to activate other installations.

If you no longer have access for the site

We've made an online utility where you can log in with your Envato account and list all your purchases and sites where you've activated LayerSlider. From there, you will be able to remotely deactivate any site you wish. Please visit: https://kreaturamedia.com/reset-activations/

If you no longer have access to your Envato account or someone else purchased LayerSlider on your behalf

In cases like these, you should contact Envato Support and ask for help in order to restore your account or transfer purchases to another account. Since Envato is the operator of the Market, we cannot help you with account-related issues. However, we might be able to help with activation issues or providing purchase codes if you have conclusive proof that the purchase belongs to you.