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1. How to test for potential incompatibility issues?

2. Why do I need to verify my purchase?

3. Refund Policy

4. Licensing questions

5. Where's my Purchase Code?

6. Before reporting an issue

7. How can I transfer licenses or deactivate past sites?

8. Support policies

1. How to test for potential incompatibility issues?

We often ask our customers to test compatibility on their site, as in many cases a 3rd party plugin or the theme can cause issues, especially regarding appearance. Hopefully, there is an easy and quick way to do it.

By temporarily disabling every other plugin (except ours) and switching to the default WP theme you can immediately rule out any chance of incompatibility. If this does not help, the issue you're experiencing is likely not related to other plugins/themes. However, if it does help, you are certainly ran into a compatibility issue. In that case, you can find out what's causing the trouble by re-enabling your plugins one at a time and watching when the issue returns. 

If you've successfully identified the troublesome item on your site, make sure to share your findings with us, as it can be extremely helpful to fully understand the situation you're in and provide advices and workaround to solve the issue you experience.

2. Why do I need to verify my purchase?

If you've received one of our products bundled in your theme, then product support and updates are handled by the theme author. You can still access to our online assets such as the documentation, FAQs, tutorial videos and public tickets, but we can only provide hands on support for our direct customers.

We take plugin development very seriously and we're dedicated to offer the best product we can produce. If one of our products came bundled in your theme, please keep in mind that it is a bonus item that you essentially received for free, as we do not receive any share after theme sales. Theme bundles are a great way to increase our popularity by offering our unique and useful products to the crowd. However, product development and customer support require a lot of resources, thus we can only offer our services to customers who have supported product development by purchasing a license directly from us.

If you need help, please contact with the author of your theme. Alternatively, consider purchasing a license, so we can provide you hands on support, automatic updates, premium features, slider templates and other exclusive content & services.

3. Refund Policy

Envato – the operator of the Market – regulates the the refund policy. Please refer to this article to learn more about how refunds are handled and how you can request a refund.

4. Licensing questions

How many sites/projects can I use a license with?

Each license is valid for one End Product. An End Product can be a website, template, domain or a client. You must purchase separate licenses if you have multiple websites or clients. 

However, we're checking the domain name where you would like to activate LayerSlider and allow up to 3 additional activations in case of a development environment. To see how development sites are recognized, please refer to this section of our online documentation.

Can I use a license for multiple subdomains or WordPress Multisite?

You can not. Subdomains and individual sites in a WP Multisite environment are considered different domains/sites and you need to purchase separate licenses for each domain/site where you use LayerSlider.

The only exception is when you are not running different sites and purely use subdomains for localization or special landing pages within the same site. 

As mentioned above, you can also use your purchase code to activate up to 3 additional installations in case of a development environment.

Which license should I buy?

The below summary covers most use cases, but make sure to read the exact licensing terms and check out Envato's License FAQ to fully understand licensing.

Regular license:

Extended license:

What is considered to be commercial use?

Webshops and ads on your or your client's site is not considered commercial use. Envato defines the cases of commercial use where you have direct benefit from the purchased Item, for example, selling it as a part of your larger work (themes, templates, etc) or using it in a way that is only available for paying users and is an essential part of your commercial services. Examples for commercial use:

Check our Envato's Licensing FAQs for more details, they have examples for almost every scenarios.

Things you cannot do with an Item

Again, make sure to read the exact licensing terms and check out Envato's License FAQ to avoid breaching our licenses. In general: you are not allowed to re-distribute or otherwise share the Item, even if you heavily modify it. You cannot extract and use components of the Item in your products that you plan to sell or distribute to masses in any way.  Any derivative works are also subject to the terms of the licenses.

Is there a developer / multi-use license?

Sadly, there is not. Envato – the operator of the Market – does not offer any multi-use / developer license yet. 

We are an exclusive author, we cannot do business behind Envato, thus we cannot offer you any special deals. However, if you're considering buying a large amount of licenses, Envato might provide you a discount and make your purchase much easier and seamless. Make sure to contact them and ask their assistance.

Can I include your Item in my work (e.g. in a WordPress theme)?

You can if you're a ThemeForest author developing a WordPress theme and has In-Stock permission. Please read our exact terms before you include one of our products in your theme, as breaching those rules can terminate our agreement.

Can I re-distribute your Items for other platforms or with my modifications?

You cannot re-distribute or make our Items available in any form, even if you modify them. You can't use a subset of our works either, derivative works are also subject to the license terms. Please read the "Things you cannot do with an Item" section of this FAQ for more information.

However, we can team up and work together in a cooperation if you have a nice idea. In this case, we would like to hear from you.

For personal use only, you can modify the plugin and use it in a way you want as long as it complies with the license terms.

5. Where's my Purchase Code?

You can find your Purchase Code in the email received upon the purchase. You can also download your license certificate from CodeCanyon at any time. Just navigate to your Downloads page, then find LayerSlider and choose the License certificate & purchase code option from Download button. Your Purchase Code is inside the downloaded text file.

Downloading your license certificate on CodeCanyon

Your Purchase Code in the downloaded license certificate file

6. Before reporting an issue

Try these before reporting an issue:

Follow these simple tips to receive help as soon as possible:

7. How can I transfer licenses or deactivate past sites?

If you still have access for the site

Just click on the Deactivate button in the Product Activation box and you are all set. The purchase code that you've used for that site will be available to activate other installations.

If you no longer have access for the site

We've made an online utility where you can log in with your Envato account and list all your purchases and sites where you've activated LayerSlider. From there, you will be able to remotely deactivate any site you wish. Please visit:

If you no longer have access to your Envato account or someone else purchased LayerSlider on your behalf

In cases like these, you should contact Envato Support and ask for help in order to restore your account or transfer purchases to another account. Since Envato is the operator of the Market, we cannot help you with account-related issues. However, we might be able to help with activation issues or providing purchase codes if you have conclusive proof that the purchase belongs to you.

8. Support policies


The Item Support Policy is regulated by Envato, the operator of the marketplaces. Please refer to this article to learn more about how item support is handled. To make it short, the following summary covers the main areas you need to know.

Product support includes

Product support does not include

We understand that most of our customers are not programmers, that is why we will also help you with issues caused by other components (plugins, themes, etc) and we will provide you instructions to help fixing problems, even if it is not directly related to our items. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix every issue caused by faulty 3rd party components.

Product support period & support extensions

By default, you receive 6 months of free product support from the date of your purchase. The support period can be extended by another 6 months if you purchase a support extension. Please note, the price of support extensions varies depending on when you purchase it. For the best price, make sure to opt-in for extended support when you purchase one of our products.

Providing product updates

We're providing lifetime product updates. Just by purchasing a product, you will receive every update (including major releases) for free for the lifetime of that product, even if your support period expired.

Average response times

Where can I get help if I received the product bundled in a theme?

Please refer to the Why do I need to verify my purchase? article.